I think that is terrible.I believe Native Americans have been through enough and had enough taken from them.. This pipe line sounds dangerous for the people and the creatures who live in this area.We have been shown that accidents happen.Look at the Gulf you couldn’t pay me to eat a fish out of there.The people were placed on rez years ago they should have safe lands and homes.The children should be able to play and grow in a safe and clean land.Man with his greed and ignorance will destroy our world and everything in it.Iy makes me so sad that money and power is more important than keeping the people and lan ds safe.And I can just imagine those semi trucks,scary. It’s time the president woke up and started caring for the people he is paid well to work for.He needs to listen to the Native people and step up for them.Ready the story about the children having no clean water well that just broke my heart. I will be praying that someone will come to their sinces respect the people and the earth and stop this.
Blessings to the people