It was said that in the begining there was one tribe, as many winters passed the tribe grew bigger and bigger. The Elders came together and decided to spilt the tribe to smaller groups with an agreement that at regualr intervals they would all meet up to share experiences and stories. Each group wandered the earth in search of new hunting grounds, each prospered. As the winters passed these great tribes would meet as their ancestors had done for many generations. Slowly over time many changes began to emerge; the colour of skin, the language, religious practise until eventually the tribes no longer met. Some of the tribes remained nomadic and followed the traditions of the Grandfathers, other chose to live in boxes, around these boxes were ‘perimeters’ around these perimeters, more perimeters called towns, cities and eventually countrys. Having now forgotten the old ways these tribes began to war with eachother over land, food and resources. Great religions were born and used to subdue and crush the innocent,sadly even their own innocents. These tribes wanted more… for thousands of years over and over the same war has been played out. Some tribes have become super efficient at killing so though the technology has changed the reasons remain the same. Politicians will use words like national security but really it’s about oil or minerals and alike.
All over the world people are born thinking that medicine comes out of a bottle, meat in plastic and that taking oil from the ground will have no consequences. We live in a world where common diseases once treated with anti-biotics no longer works. Tradition has been lost, along with respect for eachother and mother / grandmother earth.
It has been said to me that the time fast approaches when these wayward children will return home to the ancestors like the prodigal son.This is already happening. The first nations all over the world will once again be strong and will take on their hardest task yet, to lead all tribes.